Water X-Tract System

Collects water seepage from where the floor and wall meet

Water X-Tract System relieves hydrostatic pressure without jackhammers trenching through your basement floor or hauling mud and gravel in and out of your home.

Hollow baseboards adhere to the floor along the wall acting as a barrier. The system collects water from the weep holes tapped into the blocks where the floor and wall meet.

The water travels along the hollow baseboards to a sump pump leaving your basement clean and dry.

The X-Tract™ System is ideal for poured wall or block wall foundations. This system is not submerged in soil that can plug sub-floor systems.

NO Digging...
NO Trenching...
NO Jackhammers...
NO Hauling buckets of mud in & out of your home...

Download a PDF version of the Water X-Tract system.
Read the Basement Water X-Tract™ System warranty.

Proudly Servicing:
NY Counties: Sullivan, Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, and Rockland Counties.
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