Under-Ground Down-Spouts

Keep Roof Water Away From Your Basement

Proper water management around the foundation of your home can be very effective at keeping water from reaching your basement.

Under-Ground Down-Spouts are designed to direct roof water away from your home's foundation and discharge the water safely 8 feet out from your home, keeping your basement clean and dry.

Self-cleaning... Water free falls into the Debris filter ejecting leaves and twigs out onto the ground.
• As water fills up in the Bubbler Pot the lid raises up to let water evenly flow over onto your lawn.
• Drainage slots in the Bubbler Pot lets standing water filter down into the ground.
• Solid drain cover will then drop down and seal out grass clippings and dirt
• Center Post guides and supports the Lid from collapsing under the weight of a lawn mower.

Proudly Servicing:
NY Counties: Sullivan, Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, and Rockland Counties.
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