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Dear Sal:

I just wanted to take the time out to tell you how impressed I was with you & your crew. I thought my basement was a lost cause with continual water seeping up from the ground and settling on my basement floor. You and your crew arrived exactly on time the day you said you would be there which is unusual for most contractors. You guys immediately got to work jack hammering up my basement floor. The first day was very messy but You, and your crew left it all very clean at the end of the day. As the job progressed I can tell that the crew of Sal's Basement Waterproofing doesn't mess around. They are hard workers and really know what they are doing.  They carried all the busted up concrete & dirt out of the basement one bucket at a time. Then after carrying all that debris out they carried in hundreds of buckets of new gravel for the new perimeter drainage system. Thankfully everything in this project went off without a hitch. The Pump basin system with the battery back up was installed into the floor & water was already starting to fill into it before you guys were even done. After all the drain pipe & stone work was done got to work on the concrete floor finishing portion of the job. These gentlemen made it seem like it was easy work and I know it wasn't. the finished floor came out so smooth that you can hardly tell that anything was even done. You & your crew left the job site neat and clean at the end of each day. The final product came out great and we are thrilled that we finally did it. I want to thank you for a job well done.

Goshen, NY

Dear Mr. Sal:

I am writing you to thank you for the wonderful work you had done in waterproofing my company's Basement. We have had a problem with water intrusion for many years which had resulted in mold growth and property damage. You and your associates were highly professional in the way you preformed your work. I was impressed to see that you did not skimp on the materials that you used or the time you needed to complete the job. The quality of your work is "Second to none!" Needless to say you have completely alleviated the problem I once had with water intrusion into my basement Office. I am very impressed with your work, and I will recommend you to anyone I know that needs your services. Thank you for all your hard work.

Greenfield park, NY

Sal's did the job on time and on budget. My basement and yard were cleaned and organized before Sal and his crew left the job site. My basement leaked ever since I bought the house and water damage my boiler. After the work done by Sal we never had ANY water in the basement again. Thank you!!

John Hiler
Accord, NY

Dear Sal:

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for a job well done! Your company came out to my apartment building last week and perform crack sealing in my foundation wall. Before I called you we thought we were going to have to dig up on the outside of the building which would be very messy not to mention the cost factor involved. Water seeped in through this crack and would end up on the basement floor. In regards to the crack sealing process, at first I thought this was a scam but after watching you & your crew perform the procedure there is no way water is going to seep into this crack in the concrete wall. Once again, your crew was neat, clean and very professional in your job! You guys made what was a real problem for me have a simple remedy & performed it with no problem. I would recommend Sal's Basement Waterproofing to anyone! Please consider adding my name to your list of satisfied customers. Be advised, I have added your name to an association of Apartment building owners that I belong to recommending you and your business. Thanks again!


Richard Cummings
Goshen, NY

Dear Sal,

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team of professionals for the recent job you completed at our home. After returning home to a foot of water in our basement we naturally panicked and frantically telephoned several waterproofing businesses for a timely repair. Unlike your competitors, who required a week or more of wait time to even offer up an estimate, you took immediate action. Your in home presentation impressed us with your expertise and professionalism and we were not disappointed by the end result. You were a man of your word.

Our home is quite old (1795) and thus presented a unique challenge to your approach. Your men respected the integrity of our home and with your constant oversight a new sump pump and French drain system were installed and thus corrected a serious problem.

The job that you performed has given us peace of mind and the experience of working with your company was a pleasure. You addressed our concerns and left the work site neat and clean. When we had a recent question you returned to our home quickly and assured us that the slight condensation we were experiencing was normal and could be easily rectified with a dehumidifier.

We would like to be added to your list of references so that we could let others know about how happy we were with your company’s service.

Yours truly,

John & Marilyn Acquafredda
Accord, NY

Dear Sal,

Sal was one of three estimates. His was the middle estimate. I chose Sal because he showed up for the estimate on time, put the estimate in writing, spoke to me with respect, took the most time explaining the job, and said he would do the same job as the others. Sal estimated the job to take 1.5 days and they finished in one day, it was 9 - 10 hours. Sal was on site with the workers. When the job was done they fixed the landscaping to the point you couldn't tell any excavation had been done. Very impressive. Sal even put back and adjusted the satellite dish.

Alice Feely
Middletown, NY

We have a house that was constantly getting water in the basement. We have a sump pump that runs constantly after it rains. During the summer of 2012 there was a storm that came through and knocked out the power. Since the sump pump couldn't go on the basement flooded. We decided to take some action, and considered two companies: Sal's Basement Waterproofing and [...]. [...] wanted to put a french drain inside (even though we already had one), and Sal suggested digging around the outside and putting a drainage system to prevent the water from getting into the house. We went with Sal and are very happy with the results. Sal and his crew showed up on Thursday morning and were done by Friday afternoon - exactly as he had stated. They created quite a mess during the construction - which was to be expected - but by the time they were done you wouldn't have known they were even there. A "stress test" of the system occurred with Super Storm Sandy and it performed extremely well - no water issues!

PS: The price quoted was the price I paid.


Timothy Gill
Massapequa, NY

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