Flat-Tract System

Collects water seepage from where the floor and wall meet

The NEW Flat-Track™ System is an ideal remedy to all your water management needs. This unique and innovative design collects water from the two primary sources that are responsible for your basement water leakage.

First, the Drain-Eze™ System collects water entering from where the wall meets the footer and then channels the water into the Flat-Track™ System.

Next, the Flat-Track™ System pulls water from under the concrete slab and directs both sources of water through its main sections towards your sump-pump. Flat-Track™ channels flow clean and clog-free year after year.

The Flat-Track™ System uses fine slits to screen dirt and sand from entering the system. Flat-Tracks™ can be installed on top or next to the footer.

Drain-Eze™ creates a 3/8” space between the floor and wall that collects seeping water and channels it across the footing to the Flat-Track™ System.

Download a PDF version of the Flat-Tract system.

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