Crawl Spaces

Crawlspace Waterproofing systems are a cost effective investment that will protect your family and home. Our Crawlspace Waterproofing System will seal your home from the harmful elements below ground that can cause air quality and structural issues in a home. By using Sal's Basement Waterproofing's  Crawlspace Repair System, you can also reduce your energy costs and turn an unuseable space into a clean, safe, useable storage or entertainment area. Many homeowners don't put any thought into sealing their crawlspace until it already has a problem.

This can be a big mistake, as waiting to seal off moisture allows moisture and mold to form in your crawlspace, potentially damaging your home's structure. Since air flows upwards through your home, mold spores and bacteria can be allowed to enter the living area of your home, where most of your family's time is spent.  Click here to see our crawl space waterproofing process.

What's So Bad About Moisture in Crawlspaces?

Unfortunately, there's a lot that's bad with having moisture in a crawlspace. High amounts of crawlspace moisture lead to the destruction of your home's wood by fungi, insects, and termites. If the wood is dry in your crawlspace area, then wood destroying organisms have no interest in any of it.

Even what is referred to as dry rot requires high levels of moisture in the wood to be active. Sometimes you might not even be able to see that the wood is wet or damp in any way. In fact, it can be completely invisible to the naked eye. That's why a crawlspace inspector will need to look at your crawlspace area regularly to determine whether or not it has a moisture problem.

Wood lumber which is purchased at a lumber yard for home construction is kiln dried to below 19% moisture, and if the wood's moisture level stays at that level or is lower, then decay from water won't occur. Moisture in crawlspaces can lead to many disastrous problems, but fortunately, crawlspace waterproofing is very affordable and accessible today.

Which system we install will depend on the home owner's individual situation and needs.

We take care to perform our work in a professional manor, respecting your property and keeping the work area neat and clean. Call 845-647-3197 today or click for a FREE Price Quote.




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