Basement Waterproofing Process

Wet Basements can be detrimental to you and your home

Outside groundwater seeping into your basement can be detrimental to you and your home. Wet basements are breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Home destroying insects such as powder post beetles, carpenter ants and termites thrive in conditions caused by wet basements. Wood and sheetrock are destroyed as well as concrete. Personal items rust and decay rendering a large square footage of your home useless. Sal's basement waterproofing specializes in fixing these problems.

Professional Work

Sal's Basement Waterproofing installs the following basement waterproofing systems:
Water X-Tract™
Basement Drain Main™
Bubbler Pot
Ice Guard

Which system we install will depend on the home owner's individual situation and needs.

We take care to perform our work in a professional manor, respecting your property and keeping the work area neat and clean.

Outside Perimeter Removed

Our specialists remove the outside perimeter of your basement floor.

Perimeter Drain

Piping is installed under the basement floor around the perimeter of your basement.

Pressure Released

Holes are drilled to release outside water pressure against your foundation. The water is diverted into your perimeter drains.

Sump Pump

A sump pump is installed and connected to a drainage system. Our installations are neat and unobtrusive with easy access if service is needed.

Download a PDF version of the Sump Pump system.
Download a PDF version of the Sump Pump system.

Battery Backup

Often during bad weather power goes out and sump pumps fail. Sal's Basement Waterproofing can install battery backup systems that keep your basement dry even when the power goes out.

Download a PDF version of the Battery Backup system.
Download a PDF version of the Battery Backup system.

High Volume Sump Pumps

We only install high quality, log lasting, high volume sump
pumps that are reliable and durable.

Professional Finish

The floor is professionally refinished with concrete and other repairs are completed such as replacing sheetrock damaged from moisture.



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