Basement Waterproofing

Wet Basements can be detrimental to you and your home

Basements are imperfect structures built in soils that vary. Water in the soils leaking into basements is a problem that has troubled homeowners for over 100 years. This water will enter the basement through the walls, floors, and joints between them. Over the years, contractors and engineers have developed a wide variety of methods to keep basements dry. Some of these methods are more effective than others.

Sal's Basement Waterproofing is a world leader in keeping basements dry. We have seen tens of thousands of finished and unfinished basements with water problems ranging from dampness to all out flooding. Whether you plan to completely refinish your basement for added living space or use it as a storage area, you need to prepare your basement accordingly. Talk to one of our representatives and find out how we can keep your basement permanently dry.

A wet or even just damp basement is unsuitable for finishing or even storage. Moisture will get into the building materials and/or storage and cause mold, mildew, rot, bad smells, and damage to floor coverings, furniture, and stored personal items. Unfortunately, these things never seem to get better over time. Rather, basement dampness tends to get worse over time. So even if water seepage is only a once a year occurrence, it needs to be fixed before the basement is finished as wetness will likely increase over time.

If your basement has ever experienced any ground water seepage at all, then it needs a quality basement waterproofing system. Some homeowners install a system even if they have ever had any wetness, just to protect their refinishing investment.  Click here to see our proces.

Sal's Basement Waterproofing offers a variety of products and services to handle all your waterproofing needs including:
Water X-Tract™
Basement Drain Main™
Bubbler Pot
Ice Guard
Sump Pumps
Backup Battery

Which system we install will depend on the home owner's individual situation and needs.

We take care to perform our work in a professional manor, respecting your property and keeping the work area neat and clean. Call 845-647-3197 today or click for a FREE Price Quote.


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